Spring Suite: an .@ImageCurve #haibun collection





Spring morning

a moment of grace

in the sun

winter-hardened soil

yields the season’s first chutes



Spring Suite, Part I: At the NJ Botanical Gardens


spring haibun


The twin rows of apple trees define a path down the center of Skyland Manor’s Great Lawn. They won’t blossom until May.

Many other trees already do. Daffodils, hydrangeas, and other plants, as well. All of which Mira says we have at home.

Why did we travel almost an hour to see them?

weather-worn stone
cracked statues across
white blossoms


photograph by Randy Jacob

first published in Image Curve, April 7, 2016




Spring Suite, Part II: Blossoming


spring haibun


The Ramos’ dogwoods are in full bloom. Cream petals, in the late morning sun — from out of nowhere.

swaying in a breeze
robin’s flight


photograph by Alexandru Tudorache

first published in Image Curve, April 14, 2016




Spring Suite, Finis: Apple Trees



The apple tree in our backyard has grown back. Dad and I trimmed it way back before he died. It’s full again, leaves covering its crowning branches in a mane of green.

Frankie’s step remains at the base of the trunk: a two-by-four we nailed just below the trunk split. The one he uses to climb while on base during our games of tag.

Like my own stomp step that I used to climb my own apple tree so many years ago.

small blossoms
a robin ascends
to her nest



photograph by Lizzie Guilbert

first published in Image Curve, April 21, 2016

republished here







temptations to relapse

into despair

fade before the first stars

of a clear spring night






for dVerse Tuesday Poetics–Sunny-side Up! Pubtended by lillian


#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 90 – Temptations & Relapse

With Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform






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  1. Oh my gosh, Frank! You’ve outdone yourself….this is marvelous! And I loved the image from the prompt you used in the end. This is truly sunny-side up! Thank you — what a wonderful way to end my evening!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Bjorn, but I didn’t take the photos. Image Curve elicits photos from photographers or photo sites. The editors match them to poetry submissions. I discover them along with the readers! 😆


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