#Tanka Tuesday (1/30/18): Looking Glass Lives–a #tankaprose…#haiku #haibun #poetry


Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash


rippling pond

a long search in vain for

the ties that bind

How much longer will you stare

for the answer that won’t come?


More gray than I’d like to admit. Growing crow’s feet. Lines under my blue eyes I don’t see in myself. A sorrow in those eyes, along side a determination to see things through. So, I take the next breath, the next look, and turn toward life.

Always, another step. Another breath.

Until there isn’t.

The mirror doesn’t lie either way.


Harvest moon

surprised by joy yet again

when I see your face

For you I treasure, therefore

you are where my heart must lie


For dverse–Tuesday Poetics, hosted by Bjorn, and

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge no. 69, and

Kiwinana’s #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge–82, and

Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform



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