Their Awakened Voice: A #Tanka Tuesday-on-a-Wednesday #tankaprose…#haiku #haibun #poetry

Stoneman Douglas students speak out

Alan Alvarez, Independent Florida Alligator


Their Awakened Voice


rising from the dust

another generation

speaks truth to power

from where else will progress come

than those that struggle to change?


Young high-schoolers saw their friends die. They aged beyond the years in heartbeats measured against the scatter of automatic fire. But they now transcend victimhood and embrace their new identity: survivors.

Hear their voice. See how they stand in the house of their state’s leaders. Tremble in awe as they speak, standing in the light of day denied their friends. However you judge their words, understand that they raise their voice. They will not be silenced.

If they are muted, even the stones will cry out. Just as the blood of their fallen already do.


What of the folly

of pouring new wine

into old wineskins?

Witness the pouring out

of hard labor made in vain



Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge, No. 72: Breakthrough & Movement, #SnyonymsOnly

#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 85 – New & Old

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Voice





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  1. Wow, Frank! This is the best tribute ever! I “Tremble in awe as they speak’,” I need them so! And this poem thrills me! You have captured the mood and the gratitude.

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  2. Sounds great to me, hope you get the problems sorted out, so proud of those young teenagers, hopefully, it gets through to the heads of your country, living in NZ the news still get to us, so sad. Have a great day.

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