#Throwdown Thursday (2/22/18): My latest #haibun is up on .@ImageCurve

Arboreal Awakening



The far maple, where I once hung Frankie’s tire swing, blooms. The maple beside our deck, the one with moss growing up its split trunk, arises from its winter slumber, too.

We will enjoy another warm season with these old friends.

tiniest blossoms
bowing its lowest branches
over the deck
basking in the radiance
of mountain sunsets


first published in Image Curve, February 22, 2018

photo by Valeriy Andrushko


for dVerse OLN #214, hosted by Grace

UPDATE: for Poets United–Poetry Pantry #392






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  1. Running wild as a child in the woods one soon became friends with the trees there as though they trusted relatives always on the lookoutfor you. I wonder if kids have fun like we did all those years ago. This certainly brought back memories for me Frank.

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