A Defiant Embrace of Spring : a #Tanka Tuesday #tankaprose

Nor'easter Toby

The Weather Channel


vernal bliss

do not go gentle into

this new spring!

rage, rage against the living

of winter!


So the equinox comes. Spring, for we living north of the equator. Fall, for those dwelling south of it. The inauguration of a temperate season, regardless of hemisphere, commences today.

Nevertheless, Nor’easter Toby threatens the US east coast, especially my native New York. Near a foot of snow may fall in the space of hours, while wind gusts threaten us with powerlessness again.

March madness, indeed!

But the revolution continues. Day will outlast Night north of the equator, even as night overcomes day south of it. Warmth progresses, and winter’s last stand indeed soon ends. We simply endure the last spiteful gasp of a dying frigid season. So be it!


Soon, the first blossoms

a new spring preceding

this coming dusk

the first vernal breeze supplants

the last winter tempests



dVerse’s Tuesday Poetics, Paul Scribbles pubtending

Colleen’s 2018 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 76: JOY & FURY, #SnyonymnsOnly

#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 89 – Breeze & Arrived

Real Toads’ The Tuesday Platform




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  1. I shouldn’t even say this, but on the West Coast, we have been in spring for some time and trees are sporting pink blossoms, the crocusses and daffodils are out. It is a milder climate here. But take heart, there will now be more and more daylight, the sun will make its way across to you, and your flowers will all unfurl.

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  2. I like your rendering of do not go gently into that dark night. You just have the craziest weather this year up there. But this too must pass. Just hope you get some Spring between Winter and Summer

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  3. Frank, I’m roaring. This is hysterical and true. By this time of year, I’m usually cleaning my terrace and bringing the plants outside. Today, I transplanted pots and such… in my living room… with a huge drop cloth on the floor… there was dirt everywhere. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to get snow-slapped. But you already knew that. Rage, indeed…

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  4. Twice now …an appointment may not be made… the same one because of two different last minute storms. Really I’m not going to take my 90 plus neighbor out in this mess …
    the plow hasn’t come through yet. If he wants to go and the plow does come through I’m going to have to shovel out his drive and mine!

    Winter is hanging on isn’t it. Be safe and warm. ~Jules

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  5. Four’easter as ‘the North’ DanceS And
    SingS A WiNter EQuiNoX SpRing 4 aLWayS
    NoW A NumBer WitH 40 For OveRcominG
    For those
    wHo Believe
    iN SpRinG For
    NotHinG MoRE but
    Do SuMMeR AGaiNoW
    My First HuGGinG Cat’s Name Was/iS
    Toby For i’LL Make A Storm A WarM CaT iNsteaD..:)


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