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A Waning Hope: A #quadrille #haibun


Courtesy CBS News


Savanna sunset

the last breath of the last

male white rhino


An aging female’s egg awaits sperm preserved from the last male.

A species’ fate rests in the hands of such uncertain science.


Of such waning hope.



playing God to overcome

playing God


for dVerse Poets Pub–Quadrille #53. Kim pubtends tonight




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  1. I’ve been following this story, Frank, and you’ve conveyed it so well within the constraints of the form. Your opening lines touched me deeply. There is still a little hope in the ‘aging female’s egg’ and preserved sperm but you are right, ‘A species’ fate rests in the hands of such uncertain science’.

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  2. Oh my gosh, Frank, your second haiku says so much about human nature/condition/folly. I don’t know if it’s in us collectively to throw up our hands and finally admit we cannot play God or even correct our effects of trying to. Surrender. Can we do it?

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    • Thanks, Amaya! AA/Al-Anon/12-step groups worldwide—not to mention abundant spiritual fellowships through the world—price we can do it. The question is will we—collectively, or as many of us as will make a difference. Will we?


  3. Very moving. I like the repetition in your last line, bringing strength to your message of playing God. We have failed in protecting all that has been gifted to us on this planet. There is always hope though.

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