Vive La Geekdom!

Avengers Infinity War Poster


The Friday night audience at the Lafayette filled the one-screen, National Historic Landmark theater nearly to capacity! We cheered when the curtain opened. We applauded when our favorite Avengers arrived on-screen. We laughed at every gagline, gasped at every surprise, and cried in shock and disbelief as some of our favorites… (sniff! sniff!)…


My son and I sat among our people savoring Marvel’s latest blockbuster. Oh, to share in the joy of our collective geekdom, brought to such marvelous fulfillment. But Avengers: Infinity War is over now.


Fortunately, Solo: a Star Wars Story opens Memorial Day weekend!


Serenade me

with a psalm worthy

of such a feast

Dancing in the playground

I never left


for Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform, imagined by Rommy

Colleen’s 2018 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 82 – The May Day Edition: SING & CELEBRATE #SynonymsOnly



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