End of the Day: A #writephoto #FreestyleFriday #haibun



I can sip my burgundy and gaze at the last sunset. Let the impending thunderclouds gather. Let their first rumbles chill the hearts of others. I laugh from my lawn chair, enjoying the show as I savor every oak overtone of my reliable box wine serving.


If I’ve ridden the dragon as far as I can, so be it. The best and the worst of myself I’ve managed to manifest along the way. It’s long past time to accept them all. If I’ve felt the last fierce wind on my face from an ultimate tumult, at least I’ve enjoyed the ride.


So come, conflagration of decendant Helios. Pierce the mountaintops like a bridegroom consumating the marriage bed. Drive your diffused light through the threat of thunderous rain. Grace me with the final epiphany of light triumphant I expect to see.


I salute you with one more taste of the fruit of the vine.


Summer rain

a deep breath before

the last sip


for Sue Vincent’sĀ Thursday photo prompt: Conflagration #writephoto



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