Vernal Inauguration: A #ThrowdownThursday #haibun featuring my latest from .@ImageCurve



The train rattles to the top of the hill. Two American flags stand like sentries at the apex. The stage, the other side of the park, the Long Island shoreline across the Sound all lie in sight for one fleeting moment.

Then the train rushes down the first turn, accelerating. Next, it descends the first hill. Frankie and I throw our hands in the air and scream! Down, up, another turn, down two more.


Then up into the mouth of the dragon!


Through darkness, we turn. Then descend out of the tail and back into daylight.

More ups, downs, arounds. Until we finally come to a stop where we began.


Where our summer truly begins!

Summer afternoon
another ride on Playland’s
Dragon Coaster



Photo by Jeffrey Blum


first published in Image Curve, June 28, 2018


for dVerse Poets’ OpenLinkNights #223 (pubtended by Bjorn)


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  1. I love roller coasters. And you have described this beautifully. Into the mouth of the dragon indeed. Have you ever ridden that wooden monster on Coney Island? It is a jerky scare. The haiku is most excellent.

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  2. I felt like I was right there on the coaster with you! I love roller coasters, though my neck doesn’t appreciate when I go on them anymore. Perhaps too many roller coasters has something to do with that. Great start to summer!

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