Human Foibles: A #TankaTuesday (8/28/18) #tankaprose #2

air air pollution climate change dawn

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Bad news kicks his shoes off on a supersonic flight. He sips champagne in business class and laughs his ass off. “They still don’t get it,” he mutters aloud to no one, “Practice makes progress, but the wankers won’t even raise their arses to fart!”


Meanwhile, the smoke spews more carbon into the over-carbonated air. But so what? The right people doubt this is a problem. The show must go on and does, well past the point where the last of the audience started snoring. The fires burn, the air swelters, the water either dries up or drowns. The hangover after the party has begun, but somehow someone opens the next bottle.


Nevertheless, what goes around comes around, and Karma is a bitch with a brickbat. After a whole lot of skull-thumping, she’ll catch the last supersonic on layover out. Soon she’ll clank champagne classes with Bad News, and they’ll laugh their asses off together.


Climate change

the quest for energy

leaves this Earth in ruins

when are we going

to grow up?



for dVerse Poets Poetics: Twisted Adages  (pubtended by Jilly)

Kiwinana’s #Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 111 – Climate & Energy

Real Toads’ The Tuesday Platform (imagined by Sanaa Rizvi)







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  1. Wow! ❤ I m still catching my breath here .. the prose is nothing short of inspirational and that tanka hits hard .. like a punch in the gut.. when are we going to learn .. indeed! 😊

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  2. Clever merging of the two prompts–and there is a kind of Mickey Spillane feel to the prose. I would have liked it even more if the adages had been more twisted; smile.

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