“Walking the Path…”: A #writephoto #haibun



Where are you leading me?


The mist rolls in. The cold and rain accompanying it envelop me like a fisherman’s expertly cast net. The ascent continues. To where, I don’t know.


Only that your whisper, “follow me,” drives me onward.


But the climb besieges me. I think of the colleague and friend I just lost. I remember our last beer together, our last word exchanged in his classroom. Why him, when he was one of the best of us?


Nevertheless, there you wait. Again, I hear your whisper, “follow me.”


And so I do. By placing one foot in front of the other. Then doing it again, and again. Always, one step at a time.



a sudden break

in the clouds



For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Watcher #writephoto


UPDATE: for dVerse Poets’ Tueday Poetics– Frustration and Heartbreak (pubtended by Frank Hubeney)





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  1. Thank you for the Haibun, Frank. My husband lost his best friend, an extraordinary guy. We miss him tremendously and often ask, “Why him?” I love your Haiku, a view from the summit to get a different perspective!

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