September Morning: A #Haibun for #LaborDay


Labor Day. A rare chance this summer to sleep in, since Frank had only an optional practice. Still, morning comes, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee stirs me from sleep. Eigh hours is enough, even after a night of incessant dreams.


The sweltering heat belies the change to Autumn that will come. Still, I manage a simple breakfast outside–and to stay with our son when he finally awakens and has his own.


The spiderweb stands visible in the sunlight. It’s weaver lies at its heart. Prior catches remain cocooned on strands. The cicadas sing, unconcerned about the arachnid’s predation.


Tomorrow, I return to my small high school in the Bronx. Staff meetings in the morning, with time (hopefully) to prepare my classroom in the afternoon. Wednesday, my students return. Summer vacation ends, as they all do.


But there is till the morning of Labor Day to enjoy. One last day of unofficial summer to enjoy. I take the first sip of a third cup of coffee and resume doing just that.


September morning

time enough for one more dance

before the next day


flock of birds

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ on Pexels.com


for dVerse Haibun Monday: Good Morning! (pubtended by Mish). My thanks to Mish for featuring my haibun “The Morning After.”


and my own current haikai challenge!




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  1. Yes, today was a day to savor every minute…for teachers and students alike. I like the parallels you’ve made with seasons and life events…..endings and beginnings out of our control. 🙂

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  2. I like the way the aroma of freshly brewed coffee stirs you from sleep, Frank.; I only drink fruit tea in the morning and miss that smell. You’re so lucky to still eat breakfast outside, it’s too chilly here first thing in the morning. I love the details of the spire’s web and the cicadas.You are so right to savour the last morning before the start of a new school year with one more dance- I remember that so well!

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  3. This is full of a wonderful sense of restfulness, and making the most of it, before the melee of returning to school. I particularly enjoyed the insect section and ‘Prior catches remain cocooned on strands’

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