A Moment of Charity: A #TankaTuesday (on a Wednesday) 9/5/18 #TankaProse


Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh on Unsplash



skyscraper sunset

the outstretched reaching hands

left empty

Why despise charity when

it’s the greatest remaining?


I walked out of the grocers and into the dark. An indigent woman that mumbled incomprehensibly sat just within light of the store. Overcome by an inexplicable urge, I gave the woman a grapefruit. She uttered, “Oh, thank you!” A mysterious joy filled me as her hands clasped my meager gift.


Why should giving away one grapefruit trigger such sudden contentment? Years later, I wonder why I didn’t give her every bag that I had purchased.


I could easily have been the one yearning for such mercy.



ever mindful of the hope

that doesn’t fail

“If you want to keep it,

you have to give it away.”



for Colleen’s Help Me Celebrate our 100th Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge! (outstretched, charity)

#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 112 – Hope & Observing (mindful for observing)

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Charity (posted by Susan)




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  1. I love this. It reminds me of a winter day when I saw two homeless men sitting on the sidewalk. There was a tarp beside them. As I reached across to hand them a bill, a big dog stuck his head out from under the tarp, sniffing what I offered, likely HOPING it was some food. He was so beautiful, with such a hard life. I went back next day with more money to ask them to buy him food, but they had moved on.

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  2. Wow, Frank. I really loved this. I loved your philosophical meanderings in your prose. This is such a great message and I often re-examine my thoughts like this too. To put it into poetry is pure genius. Lots of emotion in this piece. ❤

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