First Memory of Mom: A #TBT #haibun featuring my latest from .@ImageCurve

I don’t know my first memory of Mom.

I recall the photo and home movies: beehive hair, white mini. Was it when I cut my hand on that protruding stone at the daycare center? Was it the fleeting images of her cooking in our 52 Holland Avenue basement apartment? I can’t remember.

Or won’t.

her singing
of Ireland’s formation–
a nestled baby


Photo by Meghan Holmes


first published in Image Curve, September 6, 2018


for dVerse Poets’ OLN #227 (pubtended by Grace)






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  1. I find the words “or wont” very effective too Frank. Some times we need to just cut things our of our life.
    I smiled re “I feel that. Mom told me the story of how I held my kid brother upside-down by his ankles shortly after my parents brought him home.”
    I remember stopping – just in time – my first son (then 22 months) sitting on his new baby brothers head. I am sure it was innocent…
    Anna :o]

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