Among a Murder

animal avian beak birds

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com


You stare at me. The rest of your murder caws, shattering an afternoon’s silence with pure cacaphony. You do not join them. Your black eyes meet my blue ones. Why do you not join the others in their mayhem? What do you want?


Something passes between us. What, I cannot say.


Perched on the highest naked branch of the Maple upon which your murder roosts, you stare one moment more. Then you take flight, cacawing as your wings beat against the cooling air. The murder follows you, until you are as one with it as you have always been.


Save for the moment we shared.


autumn wind

the emptiness

of twilight


for dVerse Poets’ Haibun Monday: Murmuration (guest pubtended by qbit/Randall)





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  1. Very profound, very creepy; the Native American here on the NW coast revere the crow. I was surprised the first time I ever heard one talk–turns out they’re in the same family as Minabirds, and they do talk.

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  2. Very cool! Great use of a “murder of crows,” creates such a powerful mood. They way as a whole they are somethings transformed, fearsome. But apart in particular this one extraordinary crow. The empty sky at the end of the Haiku is perfect.

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  3. I like the one crow cawing away. He set his sites on you, plain and simple. It is something when a crow picks you out. We have a couple around the house that wait for me to start my daily walk. Or maybe it is just the bread I thow out on the empty road. Great use of the word murder. I like the origin of the “murder of crows”. From judging one of their own flock to the Germanic origins of crows being judges of people.

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  4. Crows are inquisitive birds and I love that you address that staring corvus, the one that stays apart from the murder, not joining the others ‘in their mayhem’. You’ve captured the eeriness of crows, Frank, which I personally love, and the way they perch on the highest branches, ‘shattering an afternoon’s silence with pure cacophony’ – although here it always seems to be in the morning. A fabulous ending, when the crow rejoins the murder.

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  5. When we were driving home from our short trip this weekend, we stopped at a gas station.I was standing outside with my dog on his leash so he could stretch his legs. A huge crow landed near us, and began cawing loudly, walking around us, but staying just out of reach. It was such an odd encounter. Very cool Frank!

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