Hawk Dual: a Gunslinger’s Initiation (a #TankaTuesday #TankaProse 10/2/18)

What was it like for young Roland Deschain to face his mentor Cort armed only with David? What was it like to battle for mastery, risking exile, using one of “God’s own gunslinger?”

A screech. A flash of sunlight off talons that claw flesh off bone. The answering smack of wood against feathers and bones. And the torrent of a young apprentice’s punches against and old teacher’s face.

Until the words the son of Stephan Deschain battled to hear:

“I yield, Gunslinger”

floating leaves

a hawk snatches a squirrel

off the lawn

the cherry-burst light

of a mountain sunset

a Tanka-Prosaic retelling of a story from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: the Gunslinger Born

For Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge (Hawk and sunset)

Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform (imagined by Willow_Switches Pat)

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  1. I used to be a huge King fan, way back in the day …. so long ago then, but eventually found he drifted into “formula” … and so, whether it was because I overdosed on his words, or whether he lost his mojo, I drifted away. And so I can’t speak to the reference story at all … but what I get, more or less, is some very interesting images coming to mind in your poem/piece. That epic battle of David and Goliath and the endless struggle that often unfolds with master and apprentice – so yes, I walk away with an “epic battle” scene in my head – one that is bloody for the feathers and wood … a clash to be sure … and then the tanka offers the “natural” version – nature’s way as events unfold – as they will – because it just is – even if it is often a bit harrowing.


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