Memorial Stone: A .@ImageCurve #haibun

Haibun Example, Green Grass
Photograph by Sascha Kohlmann

Mom and I see the headstone. Salmon, just as we chose. Smooth on top and along the sides, it emerges from a rough base of the same hue. Scattered grass grows on the flattened earth six feet in front of it.

We remove the in-ground matching vases. Struggle to insert the simple bouquets we bought at A&P. Water them.

A Burgundy flower bows and touches the foot of the monument at the space where my brother’s name will go someday.

Wind-chime melody

how still in the sun

our flowers


first published in Image Curve, October 15, 2014


for dVerse Poets Tuesday Poetics – Touch me (pubtended by Sarah)



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  1. The last line of the prose is so moving – the transient delicacy of the flower, the solidity of the stone, the sadness that brings them together in this moment. I’m sure the Japanese have a word that says all that. It’s a lovely piece, Frank, thank you for sharing it.

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  2. A touching haibun, Frank. I like the burgundy flower that bows and touches the foot of the monument, and the wind-chime melody – I don’t think we are allowed to hang wind chimes in trees British graveyards. I love them.

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  3. Beautiful Frank! So tender. We buried our 18-year-old son years ago, in Cincinnati Ohio, where we lived st the time of his tragic death.. We now live in Seattle. At 71, my failed health makes the rigors of travel difficult for me. But my good friend checks on his gravesight from time to time, and sends me a photo of the memorial every year on my son’s birthday, and on the date of his death, showing me the flowrers I have placed there for us on those dates. Those photos are precious. Your piece here put a tear in my eye…

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