Phoenix Song: a #TankaTuesday (11/27/18) #TankaProse

Bertuch-fabelwesen.JPG: Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)derivative work: Tsaag Valren [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Long past time

to put this chill in the past

gather the pyre

ignite the consuming blaze

that restores the life taken


The first crackles of flame yield a tendril of smoke. The fire grows, feasting on the dry kindling and tinder wound through dry wood. It won’t take long.


I hear a sigh, and realize it’s mine. How long I’ve stood vigil, this time. Long enough to witness Elizabeth the Virgin Queen celebrate the Armada’s defeat, and the Bard take London by storm. To see English colonies become American states, then the nation dubbed the world’s last superpower. To hear peasants ballads marry children-of-slaves’ blues, and birth Rock-n-Roll, Rhythm-n-Blues, and Hip-Hop.


Long enough to see centuries of war, with no end in sight. To know that the open heart and mind of mindful men and women alone can usher in the transformation the world so desperately needs. To understand how long until such a Renaissance occurs.


I tire. This vigil is enough. So come, funeral fire! Bear me away, that I may arise anew to resume my vigil.


Only this time, with all the hope and vigor only the young possess.


Consuming fire

the last cries fall silent

as the ambers glow

out of the ashes I rise

secure again in new life



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  1. A lovely Phoenix narrative, the vigil that goes on and on tracing histories and awaiting consumption and therefore renewal.
    This to me sounds vivacious and strong: “Only this time, with all the hope and vigor only the young possess.”

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  2. a re-telling of the Phoenix … and rather encompassing, – the voice of the narrator is interesting, suitably unidentified, which makes me wonder if it’s a deity or someone who has reincarnated or re-birthed many times — interesting way to have pursued this topic. 🙂

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