The Folly of Dashed Expectations: a #writephoto #haibun (12/5/18)


The forecast called for a few flurries. A wide ribbon of immaculate snow should not cover the road. The sight of naked branches behind the wire fence is odd enough. A field ripe for harvesting usually greets me instead.


Sudden snowfall is an unwelcome suprise. But then again, what should I expect? Winter looms. Any prediction of precipitation may be suspect. Meteorology, like medicine, is no exact science. If luck favors the prepared, then the best preparation is to expect the possible, however improbable.


Such is the way the ride goes.


Clearing sky

the constant acceptance

of mountains



for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Untrodden #writephoto


and Poets United’s Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Surprise! (posted by Susan)

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  1. Mountains, yes! “expect the possible, however improbable.”–truthfully, I am happier to be surprised than afraid all the time, though I don’t scoff at preparation (like a go-bag near the door).

    A provocative haibun, with a beautiful end.

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  2. Good advice…prepare for all situations. Meteorology is not an exact science. Predictions are often wrong. So best work it out for yourself by the old folk lore methods…rings around the moon, hair going curly, aches and pains etc.

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  3. Loved it. Here, the surprise is a long, extensive, sunny fall that is going on and on…..when we are supposed to have rain deluges for the rainforest. Climate change. It is hard not to enjoy the sun. But hard not to worry about the trees.

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  4. Well at least there is something mankind can’t control..the weather. Mind you they are doing their upmost to make it worse by their abuse of the planet. Why can’t they go back where they belong?!

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  5. I never lnow what to expect after reading your haibun text. And i always visit expecting a treat.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Frank


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