Adventures in Dragon Riding: a #TankaProse #haibun

12/29/18: Gerry Muse #136: Year end musings

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

I began the year with the intention to “Ride the Dragon.” The Dragon climbs and dives. The Dragon bucks hard. The Dragon rolls and shakes and does whatever it takes to throw me off. And often enough, I forgot my intention and attempted to shove that Dragon back in the cave, so I could live in “ordinary unhappiness.”

But more often, I held on. I rode. And I still ride.

I write daily, save for dedicated days off. I’ve published on my blog regularly this past year. I’ve published more haikai, especially haiku, in other publications than ever.

My family and I enjoyed a vacation in Portugal–one that I still intend to finish chronicling. Our son finished Spring semester of his freshman year of high school and began his fall semester of sophmore year.

Overall, I have more to celebrate than to mourn. 2018 has been a good year. I rode the Dragon.

And I will ride it again in 2019.

last year
down to a handful
of days
“raise a glass of Ol’ Lang Syne”
for the new year to come

#tankaprose #tanka #haibun #micropoetry #poetry


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