Holiday Epilogue (Redux): an .@ImageCurve #haibun

English Haibun, Cooking Pan

Oil cracks on the frying pan in the kitchen. Dice in a boggle bubble rattle. I just can’t stopplays on the black-and-blue mini radio Frankie got for Christmas. Aroma of frying breadcrumbs permeates the living room.

Anticipation and dread for tomorrow slowly strangle me.

It’s that time.

January night—

Preparing the last rich meal

Of the holidays


first published in Image Curve, January 8, 2015


Photograph from DFC



for dVerse Poets’ Pub Haibun Monday: January (pubtended by Kim Russell)




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  1. Your haibun cheered me up, Frank, after reading about the darkness of January. So much activity in you kitchen! I love the sound of ‘Dice in a boggle bubble rattle’ and the ‘stopplays on the black-and-blue mini radio’. You can’t feel sad or lonely in a kitchen like that – until you remember that everything goes back to normal after the holidays.

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