Smuggs ’14 Chronicle, Day 7: July 31, 2014—the Hike (an .@ImageCurve #haibun)

The shuttle bus pulls into a parking lot for the Long Trail somewhere out of Johnston. We stretch, introduce ourselves and set off. Pat sets a pace we weren’t used to.

The forest closes in. Ascent follows ascent, each sapping a little more of our energy. Still, we carry on the usual small talk with other hikers. A snack break at a lookout offers us a view of Jeffersonville and the Lamoille, a snake of blue winding through a sea of green.

Happy chatter snapping another couple’s photo

More ascents follow. I fall behind with Mira, Mike and Martha. The trail eventually levels out as we pass a fallen giant. We break for lunch at a shelter, where Mira and I take in another view.

PB&J lunches Thunderheads roll in way too soon

The first drops fall. I put on my hat. Drizzle becomes rain, then the deluge. Mira finds my poncho—the one I failed to put on before getting soaked. We descend, cross a road, the ascend again. That’s when Martha announces that the hike is over; a shuttle bus is in route. We descend and ascend to keep warm, while the rain falls.

Returning home wet Jacuzzi bath to warm up

Photo by Ethan Robertson

first published in Image Curve, May 30, 2019

for dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night #244 (pubtended by Mish). The Pub is open. Come join us!


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  1. I think this form works well for a journey. The prose is walk walk walk, and then the poetry lines are like pausing and looking at the view, reflecting on where you’ve come from.

    Mountains are dangerous in bad weather. Probably a good decision to bail out.

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