Adieu, ye Midsummer’s Day! (a #haibun)

Daylight yields to darkness in the twilight. It’s nine o’clock in “New York’s backyard,” but still some light remains. Even if it dwindles.

The first–and longest–day of summer thus makes way for the first–and shortest–night of this season. Already the temperature drops, as though Autumn can’t wait to upstage the sunny season to come.

as if

I could forget you

Summer Solstice

for Real Toads’ Weekend Mini-Challenge: Summer Solstice (Imagined by Toni Spencer)

and my own haikai challenge!

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  1. I love the ending! Wow, almost dark at 9. Here in (this part of) Michigan, we are on EDT and are so far west that it doesn’t get dark til 10 or shortly after. When I needed to go to bed early for work it bugged the heck out of me, but now that I am retired hardly notice it. Anyway, nice work and have a nice weekend.

    –coal (Fireblossom)

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  2. Here in Australia it is the longest night but that is not so bad as our winter is much milder than yours and one we hope it rains a lot! However I do remember living in England as a boy happy from this day on it was beach time! Your ending is quite a delight!

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