Meanwhile: a #haibun

We climbed red rocks in Sedona. Traveled to the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Saw sunset from Airport Mesa.

Meanwhile, The President of the United States tweeted this:

Southwest twilight

another sign

of the dark

We toured the Hoover Dam. Strolled through the malls and gambling halls of the Las Vegas Strip’s showcase Casinos. Saw the Cirque Du Solei show of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, The President of the United States led a rally, and stood by while his supporters chanted this:

Las Vegas lights

the chill

of a desert night

We saw the vistas of Bryce Canyon. Drove the 12-mile scene road from Zion’s East entrance to its Visitor Center. Saw the Sentinel, the Court of the Patriach’s and the Weeping Wall.

Meanwhile, one of the President of the United State’s supporters does this:


the growth

of darkness

I live my life, while a sitting American President provokes racial strife and marginalizes people of color. How many of us do the same?

How long until we don’t?

breaking dawn

even darkness

must yield

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