Smuggs ’14 Chronicle, Day 14, August 7, 2014 (my latest .@ImageCurve #haibun)


Gray clouds
clinging under the deck rail
a string of raindrops
what better morning
for intimacy?

Awake at two in the morning. Restless in bed until after five. Awake again, this time by Frank, at nine. Soon, listening to crow caws, sparrow and blue jay songs, the rustle of leaves in the wind, clanking pots, and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” below.

beside our window
glistening in rain drops
a Spruce

our embrace soaking in our jacuzzi awaiting rain

A reading morning. Mira’s unique salad for lunch. A second brew of fresh coffee. Pouring rain. A streak of lightening, and the thunder follows.

songbirds high fiving ourselves for canceling our hike

Smuggler’s Antique shop is as much an art gallery as a shop. Oil and watercolor landscapes of covered bridges, mountains, lakes and the Lamoille river cover one space. Posers of the 1980 Lake Placid games occupy another. Old promotions of Mount Mansfield skiing at Smugglers Notch; antiques of every variety; country décor furniture, including farm tables: this place has it all! After we peruse the second floor, I find a February 4, 1985 Time Magazine with Pope John Paul II (pre-canonization). It’s humbling to find goods from our lifetime on-sale as antiques!

sudden sunlight ahead in Jeffersonville more rain

A few groceries at Hanley’s general store, and we return to Smuggs. We just miss Frankie. Twenty minutes later, he exits the 2nd shuttle wearing his poncho. Always prepared!

relaxing at home a single seed floats under a clearing sky

Frankie wanted to go to GT Charlie’s dance party at the Fun Zone. When the party begins, he plays foosball with other kids. Stands around with his arms crossed. Plays 6-hole mini-golf. Anything but join in the party.

cool August night Ben and Jerry’s and the boys close it out

Photo by Ellen Auer

first published in Image Curve, August 8, 2019

for dVerse Poets Open Link Night (pubtended by Grace). The pub is open. Come join us!

and Real Toads Tuesday Platform (imagined by Sanaa Rizvi)

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  1. I love getting a peek into your life, Frank, and this was a delightful one, with its ‘string of raindrops’, birdsong and the blast of Queen! I also enjoyed the extra peek into Smuggler’s antique shop.

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  2. Loving this diary like haibun! 🙂 And most especially this sentiment:
    “It’s humbling to find goods from our lifetime on-sale as antiques!”
    We were in the Smithsonian museum and watched young people marveling at “artifact” that we recieved as wedding gifts — and still use! — in the section about American cooking, products etc.
    Have you seen the YouTube of teenage boys trying to figure out how to use a rotary dial telephone???

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