A Post-Controversy Transcendence: a solo #senryu #renga

Photo by Josh Marshall on Unsplash

“the right to bear arms…”

the fresh blood drying

in the streets

Congressional conjectures

amidst empty coffers

of wolves and sheep dogs …

the choked-off trachea

of a dead sheep

“The sheep should have listened…”

“Return the dog to the field…”

inverted yield curves

everyone to blame except

where “the buck stops…”

“Everything is fine now…”

“You have to vote for me…”

wailing winds

the clattering tongues cease

before silence

pass by these scattered, shattered

carnival smoke and mirrors

for dVerse poets’ Tuesday Poetics: Smoke and Mirrors (pubtended by Amaya). The Pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. T45 “Love me or hate me, you still have to vote for me, or America goes down the toilet”. I get a little throw-up in my mouth each time I see him.

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  2. I think you’ve included all the things I don’t understand about American politics, Frank, particularly the right to bear arms and the carnival of smoke and mirrors. US politicians, especially Trump, remind me of old-fashioned medicine showmen.

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  3. I like how the inverted yield curve was transposed over the sheep in the field with the wolf dog coming back. I do personally believe everyone is to blame for violence because we as a society show we want it in every facet of life in how we compete with one another from infanthood, rather than defining our own success based on the joy of others. Politicians can’t fix the problem, thank God. But you and I can.

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