Sequoian Soliloquy: a #Prosery #AmericanSentence #haibun

What life do you imagine you have lived?

I pierced the soil and first touched the sun when your ancestors laid the foundations of their castles in your “old country.” I basked in the sun for hundreds of your years before the conquistadors first saw me. Fire, drought, pestilence I endured; I even bear the blackened scars of lightning strikes. For more than a thousand years I have stood.

But is that an accomplishment you value? Or am I a mere commodity? Did your recent ancestors not fell hundres of my kin? Do you not see ever more profitable uses for me, and for the land I occupy?

And what treasure will you have left when you have felled the last of my kind? What life will you possess after you have plundered the final forest?

These memories were left here with the trees.

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  1. I lived in a redwood grove for 15 years so i certainly feel the power of your message. They harvested redwoods on the acreage next to us, some of the trees sharing rings with our trees. Our trees were second-growth, less than one hundred years old, if I recall correctly, but they were magnificent. Thanks for this message.

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