’14 Summer Swansong (part 5)

wine and meat

August 31st

Louis’ steaks cook perfectly. I see the pink interior of the half of one that I fork onto my plate. The juices fill my mouth as I close lips around that first tender bite. Feijoada, rice and beans, fresh salad, chicken legs and pork ribs round out the meal. Louis pours me a full cup of his homemade wine. He repeats the feat at least twice more. Then pours brandy after our after-dinner expresso.

steak fat on a plate
rushed inside

The theme from “Cats” plays. We watch the movie of the Broadway classic, enraptured by the dazzling dances and captivating costumes. Even after Mira wails at Frankie for spilling caramel milk on her seat.

“Memories” the melodies that last

Photo by Lefteris kallergis

first published in Image Curve, December 12, 2019

for dVerse Poets’ OLN #256 (pubtended by Grace)

The pub is open! Come join us!

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