#Haikai Challenge #121 (1/13/20): take down pine (decorations) (matsu osame) #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga

Farewell, Christmas Tree!

Hope you enjoyed your wolf moon gazing, haijin! Congratulations to this week’s contributors:

Haikai Challenge Participants
1. Eugenia
2. Tessa
3. Jules
4. Jane Dougherty
5. Jade Li/Lisa
6. Dwight L. Roth
7. Jen Goldie
8. Petru Viljoen
9. Janice
10. Revived Writer
11. Peter
12. Indira
13. Christine
14. gillena
15. Kerfe
16. Linda Lee Lyberg

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The New York Metropolitan area broke temperature records. Central Park recorded a new high of 68 F! Not exactly the winter any of us expect!

But it sure proved conducive to taking down our Christmas decorations. It is, after all, the second weekend of the new year. Frank put away the winter village decorations; Mira had removed ornaments throughout the week and the lights on Friday. That left putting boxes in the garage, taking down the outside lights/wires, and carrying out the tree (with Frank).

And so, our home returns to ordinary time.

This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to take down pine (decorations) (matsu osame)–taking down decorations.

As always:

Here’s how the challenge works:

1. write the haikai poem of your choice.
2. post the link of your post to Mister Linky.
3. pingback by posting the link to the challenge on your site.
4. read and comment on other contributors’ posts.

Enjoy the ordinary, haijin!

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