Strange Sorrow: my latest .@ImageCurve #Haibun

backyard with fire pit and chairs at dusk

Lessons prepared. Other work will wait.

I enjoy the rest of a relaxing day with the family: football, phone calls, the great outdoors. Even Syfy!

Still, an uneasiness arises, like the phantom prick of a splinter removed from an old callous. I gave up YABC. It’s a deliverance, but it’s also a loss. Six years! Then I think of Susan, who told me not to leave her, not to do that to her.

The very thing I did, that I had to. For myself.

Sunday night
another sigh
as crickets sing

Photo by Shaun Montero

first published in Image Curve, March 12, 2020

for dVerse Poets’ OpenLinkNight #262 (pubtended by Grace)

The Pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. You’ve captured the mixed feelings of leaving somewhere you’ve put so much of yourself into very well Frank and, however difficult such a step can be, it sounds as if it’s for the best. Wishing you well on your onward journey 🙂🍀

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  2. I’m not sure what YABC is either, Frank, but your haibun reflects the feeling I had when I retired from teaching – sometimes, we just have to do things for ourselves. I like the way you capture the feeling of uneasiness in the ‘phantom prick of a splinter removed from an old callous’.

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