O Parmigiano Di Pollo: a Day 5 #NaPoWriMo2020 / #GloPoWriMo2020 #TankProse -aic #Ode

courtesy of Food.com

To you, dish that is life. To you, a meal thal luxuriates the tongue and leaves one starving. Of course, you doesn’t leave one starving. How could you, a meal that so fills the stomach, do that?

Oh potent dish, with your pureed, red tomato sauce;

your sizzling fried breadcrumb finish;

your tangy, sumptuous poultry flavor;

your spongy feel,

whose sweet/salty aroma fills a room.

How I already taste the tanginess of your red! Though I’m certain you’ll cry out, “Wait! I’m not dead yet! I think I’ll go for a walk,” I already plant the fork and knife to you. With that first bite, I depart a mere kitchen in chronos, for that transcendent, yet utterly immanent, Here in Kairos. Oh, how the tsunami of savory flavor intoxicates! Madonna Mia!

Such are these moments of bliss that we live for.

with linguini

and a glass of Chianti

to wash it down

esperienza d’amore

in a life all too short

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