Our Folly, Desire: a #NaPoWriMo2020 / #GloPoWriMo2020 #quadrille – #haibun

We don’t know what we want.

We ask, don’t receive. Flush our sleeves with vain tears! We receive, and oh, woe! Unintended consequences, our sorrowful song.

“Some quality time at home would be nice…”

mispent wish …

the gift we can’t keep

or give away

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    • As uncomfortable as they are, lockdowns save lives by preserving healthcare systems. Nevertheless, I played on the With Real Toads’ prompt of wish gone wrong and April PADS prompt isolation to come up with the quote line.


  1. “Be careful what you wish for” is a true old adage. We are a greedy society, always wanting bigger and better, sometimes to our detriment.

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    • Indeed. My days have settled into a routine: morning meditation, coffee, breakfast with more coffee, work (running remote learning classes from my office), family walk, poetry, dinner, poetry, family time, evening meditation (if I’m not lazy), sleep. Not that different then when I worked in my school.


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