Travel Reminiscence: On ASW ‘19 Travel Notes (7/17/19): a #NaPoWriMo2020 / #GloPoWriMo2020 #haibun

Shelter-in-place. Curtailed flights. Masked ambulations. “The New Normal” of “New York Pause,” and its sister terms in other states, confine us to save lives. It’s easy to stir against that confinement. But as the last songbirds vie for their territory with every note, I recall travels this past summer, and again feel free.

sights and sounds

of the faraway


A four-hour drive from Las Vegas pays off. Vistas of hoodoos and red rock formations galore! A Sense of malleable stillness exudes from this diamond-in-the-rough National Park.

Bryce Canyon

a panoramic view

of Amphitheater

Slightly over an hour’s drive later, we reach our next destination!

Sentinel stands watch. The Court of the Patriarchs patiently wait. And a rock weeps. These canyon walls tower above as we see the highlight formations of this National treasure.


the elk graze beside

the Virgin River

When I was pledging my fraternity in college, Tau Alpha Upsilon, an alumni brother wrote down this advice:

“People that conform themselves to society have discipline. People that conform themselves to society and their own conscience have self-discipline.”

Some take to the streets to oppose the quarantines. Others cheerlead from the safety of their twitter feeds. I stay home, teach my students through remote learning, walk with my wife and son each afternoon and on weekends. I write haikai, and when the confinement chaffes, I reminisce on travel, and write some more haikai.

My conscience is satisfied. And yours?


the familiarity

of home

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  1. I agree with Glenn, and also this reminds me of when my family visited Bryce Canyon and Zion several years ago. When we went to Bryce Canyon, there was a big, unexpected thunderstorm, so it was magnificent yet terrifying!

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  2. I like this form of travelogue interwoven with haiku (and sometimes tanka) Frank. I also like how it begins with the current situation and flashes back to the freedom of the ‘sights and sounds of the faraway travel-lust’. I enjoyed the images of places I will never see in real life – a virtual tour of America’s natural beauty. And then back to the reality of the virus. I love the final haiku, it captures the feeling of returning home after a long day.

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  3. A wonderful haibun; wonderful photos; and wonderful message too! You hit the trifecta!
    AND you’ve brought me back to one of my most favorite places in the world. We spent three glorious days there…hiking in and among those glorious hoodoos….slot canyons there too. The colors are glorious….for me, it was almost mystical!!! So GLAD to see your post today on this amazing place!

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  4. Thanks for taking us to Bryce. It reminds me a bit of Garden of the Gods. Both leave me awestruck to think of the eons of time required to hone and polish those formations!

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