Encountering Two Snakes: my latest @ImageCurve #haibun

snake rolled up by in moss by hiking trail

The orange trail ascends Halfway Mountain. Yellow and brown elm leaves blanket the flanks of the path. As I say something to Mira, I jump with a start. Inches away, a black rat snake lies still.

A sight surpassed only by the timber rattler we encounter off the Pine Meadow trail.

rattling the woods suddenly so clear

Photo by Patrick Boucher

first published in Image Curve, June 24, 2020

for dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night #269

The pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. Reptilian bliss, exciting brevity. I agree that the “meet & greet” was a thunderous success, and will participate again. I never did figure out how to get all 19 guests on the screen.

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  2. Wow! Snakes on the path. Rattler sounds dangerous. I like the format, so too the point of being rattled by snakes. We are lucky here that we do not have many poisonous ones. Only rare vipers but often get a harmless one in the house for some reason Still rattles me!

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  3. I was concentrating so hard on listening to your voice, I missed the point that there were two snakes – and one was a rattle snake – wow! We have so few snakes here in the British Isles, we forget they exist until we meet the only dangerous one, the adder. , Some years ago, I found one in our garden and just managed to call our old dog away before he could be bitten. I haven’t seen one since.

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