Course Correction: a #haibun

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Not the way.

Whatever is not the way

soon ends…

Laoxi, from Lao-Tzu: A Book about the Way and the power of the Way, Ursula K. Le Guin

Are we sure?

We have walked this road for a long time. Footstep after footstep across the soft earth of community, and the hard pavement of individualism. Our firm steps have crushed innocent necks along our path of progress. When they cry, all we do is wipe their tears off our boots like morning dew.

Are we sure this is the path we want to follow?

Look behind. Smoke from still-burning communities; remnants of ruined lives; the simplicity of following one’s nature left butchered by seemingly mastered comlexity.

Look ahead: Debris from stricken society, shattered by those starved of Justice for too long. The unchecked spread of pandemic, driven by the selfish ignorant and the failed leaders they chose.

Are we sure?


Then … Change. Our. Way.

enshadowed road

enclosing those hands

different than ours

for Poets and Storytellers United’s Weekly Scribblings #26: Pavement

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  1. You paint a vivid picture here, Frank! I shudder at the possibility of further bedlam. Love the title, we are in dire need of course correction. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt. 💝

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  2. I love the contrast of the ‘soft earth of community’ and ‘the hard pavement of individualism’. It’s a difficult choice to make and it’s even harder to walk the fine line between them. Once we put our foot on ‘path of progress’ there is no going back, no undoing what has been done.

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  3. “The unchecked spread of pandemic, driven by the selfish ignorant and the failed leaders they chose.” So true. Those who flocked to beaches and bars have driven the numbers ever higher. We are a generation that’s forgotten the meaning of the word sacrifice for the greater good. Great write, Frank.

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