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woman dancing flamenco in a red and black dress

The Haiku Society of America’s NYC Metro chapter hosted the Society’s National Meeting. Held in a modest community room of a local West Village Arts center, perhaps 22 people gathered in the space. Forty chairs had been set in a twin series of rows flanking an aisle. Track lighting illuminated a performance space at the head of the chairs. A small kitchenette lay at the back of the room. Across from it, spread out on tables, were multiple haiku journals.

David Lanoue, that year’s President, gave a presentation, and led a discussion, on his new book about Issa and animals. Miriam performed three flamenco dances, and then led a Q&A about her art. We wrote haiku, competed for three prizes. I shook NYC poet and famed haiku editor Cor Van den Heuvel’s hand.

How can I describe an afternoon spend with other haijin? It was a homecoming, a reunion with a tribe of poets whom I had never met.

Indian Summer reading Van den Heuvel’s haibun

Photo by Vitor Pinto

first published in Image Curve, July 23, 2020

for dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night #270 (pubtended by Mish)

The Pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. Very interesting and impressive…yet was this event real or imagined? In this new and sad Covid world, such gatherings can be contagion-ridden, darkly dangerous. I feel like a Puritan, shaking my hypocritical finger at sinners; I’m just saying.

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  2. Time spent with kindred souls is such a treasure….and one of which we’re pretty much denied at the present. Zoom suffices, but is not the same!

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  3. What a treat to meet David, Cor and other fellow haijin Frank! I can imagine it feeling like a homecoming, a gathering of souls who’d met before. A beautiful haibun 💜


  4. What an incredible experience it must have been. The details you shared really transported me into the event and this line….”a homecoming, a reunion with a tribe of poets whom I had never met” really captures the feeling. Kindred spirits indeed.


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