The Open Secret of Wayfaring: a #tanka-prose

If you are a wayfarer, you follow the Way. It is as simple, and as difficult, as that.

Did you think it would be complicated? or easy?

running brook

the rocks within eroded

smooth over time

phenomena on the path:

obstacle, or stepping stone?

for 8th August 2020 prompt: Gerry Muse #219 (occasional tanka prose)The Wayfarer

and Writers’ Pantry #32: From Case Studies to Plague Poetry (Posted by Magaly Guerrero)

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  1. Oh, I adore this! I think you managed to get the whole essence of the Tao into these few lines. I can’t pick out a favourite phrase or line. Each in turn, and at every re-reading, makes me catch my breath at its sheer perfection of both idea and expression.

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  2. On many vacations beside the tumbling Little Pigeon River I was ever fascinated with the stones, all smoothened and honed from their tumble down the mountainside. Now that I am in the last leg of my own journey, I liken myself to those stones…all my sharp edges are gone and I am a product of my journey. I loved your words, Frank!

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