Mindful Moongazing

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

There is a story of a thief and a zen master. The thief breaks into the master’s home to rob him, only to discover that the master owns nothing. Seeing the thief has worked hard for nothing, the zen master gives the thief the clothes off his back. After the perplexed thief departs, the naked zen master gazes out of his window.

“I wish I could have given him this moon, too,” he says.

I see the backyard radiated in the glow of a harvest moon. Or I see the bank of clouds brighten behind its hidden, reflected light. How often have I experienced both.

Would that I savored either with the equanimity of a naked zen master, gazing at the full moon.

a distant howl

answered by another

Hunter’s moon

I’m hosting over at dVerse today, where we celebrate the moon. The pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. Mindful moongazing is something I hope to do once the cloud has broken, Frank. We had a humdinger of a storm that started on Friday afternoon and continued until this morning. Trees, branches, dustbins and other things blocked roads, and we lost power and the Internet. I enjoyed your story of the thief and the zen master. I love the use of sound in your haiku.

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  2. This is beautifully profound! “Would that I savored either with the equanimity of a naked zen master, gazing at the full moon,” …. I feel this deeply 🙂 and wholeheartedly agree!

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  3. Perfection, Frank; great balance, color, and moral. I like all things Zen. My haiku was about howling too. Add to that some in-depth word-smithing, which rates another hurrah.

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  4. kaykuala

    The ultimate sacrifice one often extends to others may not be expected or anticipated by those receiving them. Human nature is most fortunate to be shown in its caring ways. Classic tale Frank


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  5. Oh that we all had the equilibrium of a zen master, we wouldn’t find ourselves so disconcerted by unexpected circumstances! Love this meditative haibun, Frank, and thanks for the wonderful prompt 🙂

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