PSA: A Revelation (10/22/20)

It has been a week. That is the longest absence I’ve had from blogging during a non-vacation week. I have missed you. And Haikai.

Why, you ask?

Stephen King wrote that “Writing is a support system for life, not the other way around.” Life is happening for the Tassone family. Our son works toward attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. He began work on his service project last weekend, after months of planning and preparation. He and I worked closely together on the days preceding and following, after his Eagle coach alerted me to the necessity of such action.

Between his service project, and my other personal and professional responsibilities, I needed to hold off on poetry.

Life is still happening. Frank has more service days ahead. I will continue to work with him. Therefore, expect me when you seem me.

Thank you for your patience. And thank you for witnessing, with me, that Haikai matters!

overcast sky

another leaf falls

to the ground

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  1. Dear Frank, my poet friend, my prayers are with you and your family. They are not in sadness, but in happiness that you have this wonderful opportunity to change life’s direction for the benefit of your son and family. Of course I will continue to follow your posts as I know the tide will always turn. Peace, Al

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  2. Stephen King wrote that “Writing is a support system for life, not the other way around.” I enjoy this quote and other versions of the message. As much as writing is absorbing, so is life, love and family. Cheers!

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  3. Continued success for you and your family. Both of my boys were in Scouts. One made it to the Order of the Arrow before joining a Medic co-ed Scout group and was also a lifeguard at a Scout camp. The other just to Cubs, and then onto the Civil Air Patrol- and made it up to Major. Both were also very active in school plays, choir, clubs and volunteering – So I know where you are and agree with all you have stated.

    Be well and I’ll keep looking. Hopefully when you put up the next Group link of 159-160 haikai I’ll see it and know you are back. Keep safe and sane. Regards, Jules


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