Halloween in the time COVID

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

The air chills. The last twilight bows before night. The black clouds drift before the Hunter’s moon.

There should be children out. Trick or treating. Parading up and down the street in their meme costumes.

But only one walks the road, dressed as the Red Death. The unmitigated gall, considering this pandemic year.

We should run him off the block. We don’t. Instead, we hold our breath, as shivers ripple across our spines. We hope he won’t stop at our door.

If only we were so lucky.


the Samhain fires burn…

night screams

I’m hosting Haibun Monday over at dVerse, where we get our scare on for Halloween. The pub is still open. Come join us!

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  1. Yes Frank this was sobering. A truth that is upsetting but it’s our reality right now. The streets will be haunted, but maybe not as empty as they should be given this disease that’s among us. Oh well, happy Halloween!

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  2. Oh, this is remarkably and evocatively haunting, Frank. It’s especially terrifying as it delineates our reality exactly as it is. There are elements of fear and anxiety we all face, and death lurks on each corner that we pray he walks away from. Beautifully, gothically penned.


  3. The simplicity with which this is presented, in addition to the very current and reality-oriented perspective from which it springs amplifies its success immensely. Well done, Sir.


  4. The sparse structure and short sentences are like a skeleton wearing a cloak of atmosphere, Frank. I love the ‘black clouds drift before the Hunter’s moon’ immediately before the simple statement ‘There should be children out’. it puts me right in the scene. I love the ending!


  5. What a riveting write! I think we all long for those innocent times when the streets were alive with happy little trick or treaters. Wonderful haiku too! Well written all.


  6. I wonder if the root of the obsession with death, ghouls, zombies etc comes from the Catholic Church’s denial that the dead have any place with the living whereas the pagan festival is one of inviting the dead to come back to visit the living. They displaced the notion of love of the dead to one of fear.


  7. I haven’t left my light on for boos and ghouls for years. Last night was our area’s treat night – we went out to dinner.

    Here’s hoping that the read death has passed most of those we love by…

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