Odin Speaks: a solo #renga (4/8/21): Day 8 of #NationalPoetryMonth

Photo by Kristijan Arsov on Unsplash.com

crafting the world

from the corpse of our first kill

my brothers and I

If only you could have seen it:

sculpting mountains, rivers, stars…

insight and wisdom

for the cost of one eye, a

worthwhile bargain

as was my sacrifice of

myself to myself

Leading the Aesir

through wars and banquets plenty

until Ragnorok

Oh the sight of Valkaries

leading home the noble slain!

and then the end of days

when Fenrir fells me, only

to fall to my son…

So comes the God’s twilight

the end of giants and Aesir!

An end to begin

a new era of fresh life

your beginning

What have you done with it since

but brought yourselves toward your end?

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