Slice of Life: a #haibun (5/13/21)

The warmth of the early afternoon drops to an uncomfortable cool. Numb fingers tap away, while sparrows and robin sing on, indifferent to the chill. Sun-swallowing swarms of cumulus cloud ensure that the cool will remain.

Mira and Frank chatted about invitations. He’s finally tending to his upcoming Court of Honor. I managed to motivate him for a change.

Now, he continues working inside. Mira puts on a pot and talks about showering. She did spend a couple of hours cleaning pavers on our patio.

I savor the remains of a day off. The only Google Meet I attended was with poets. The noticable drain remains absent. There’s plenty of time for that tomorrow.

weeks later

still savoring them

cherry blossoms

I enjoyed seeing the poets that joined dVerse Poets OLN Live event today. The Pub is still open! Come join us!

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  1. I enjoy reading these autobiographical slices of your life, Frank, like a newsletter from a family member or an old friend. I love those ‘sun-swallowing swarms of cumulus cloud’. Sadly, I don’t think our cherry blossom will survive the sudden chill here, there are so many petals littering the grass.


  2. Very good description: “Sun-swallowing swarms of cumulus cloud” The weather doesn’t want to make its mind up. My house is filling up with things waiting to get planted outdoors.

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  3. It was absolutely wonderful to have you with us, Frank! 😀 Love this autobiographical glimpse into the life of a Poet so dear to all of us. 💝💝 We have cherry blossoms up in the north!

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