Back-to-school Coronal Blues: a #haibun

The mosquitos keep biting. They move as fast as flies these days. Rainfall from the showers brought by the recent tropical storms must have been good for them. Not so much for me.

Three days back in the classroom. Many wear their masks correctly. Some slip their noses free or take too long reapplying them after a snack or drink. It’s hard to hear them over the hum of air filters and air conditioners. They’re too shy around each other after a year-and-a-half learning from home.

We’ve barely begun the curricula, and already I feel the fatigue of being a month in.

Autumn cool

another gathering

of clouds

for dVerse Poets’ OLN #300, pubtended by Bjorn. The Pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. Ah Frank, You have the honesty and clarity of a true poet – there is often great depth in the lightest of touches, as you amply illustrate here…

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  2. Those pesky mosquitoes! I can identify.
    Here its the older kids that are back physically. The younger ones are still at home . So my son an art teacher is out to school he has exam kids to teach. My grand daughter is in a new class but still zooming


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  3. This is such an evocative haibun, Frank! I resonate with; “They’re too shy around each other after a year-and-a-half learning from home.” The covid situation is especially a lot more difficult for the kids.

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