New Year’s Moments: a #TankaProse

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

A sushi-combo/Bento-box dinner combo, and then Frank goes out. We watch “In the Heights,” then the NYE shows. Dance to Journey performing live at Times Square. Kiss at midnight.

Frank texts, then calls, and we wish each other Happy New Year.

after midnight

the sudden fireworks amidst

falling rain

holding each other

in twisted sheets

Fog. The green-leafed plant outside my office window glistens in raindrops. The aroma of fresh smudging, the hum of running washers and dryers, the aftertaste of coffee: This New Year’s Day quietly passes.

Couldn’t we all use an uneventful year?

even as

this morning mist


I breathe again

again, again

for 1st January 2022 Prompt: Gerry Muse #291 (occasional tanka prose)

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