Winter Striding

The shadows of bare Locus and Maples stripe the immaculate snow covering the backyard. The line of distant cirrus clouds foreshadow another snowfall sometime in the future. For now, the houses across the street reflect the light of the descending sun.

A week ago, Mira and I arrived at Lake Skannatati. Doning our crimpons, we hiked along part of the frozen lake’s shoreline before ascending the surrounding hills. We made excellent time over the powdered trails. All of the roots, loose stones and other tripping hazzards lay buried. Our crimpons bit into any ice underneath the snow. Within an hour, we completed our near-3-mile route. A stride across Skanatati’s 9-inches of ice remained, where we passed numerous ice fishers catching and releasing bass.

After a sedentary weekend, we feel the urge to strike the wintery trails again. And soon!

cold moon

a lone white tail


I’m hosting dVerse Poets Pub’s Haibun Monday, where we’re writing about winter.

The pub is open! Come join us!

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  1. Beautiful work indeed, Frank. Thanks for bringing us along — especially me, whose deteriorating knee & hip joints are rebels, even in the LEAST inclement weather…
    And thanks for hosting the prompt. Salute.

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  2. Sounds like proper fun. I’m afraid I’ve never been suited for a good hike, but I’ve always been fond of sitting at an outpost and listening to stories and trading for adventures. A lovely ordeal, I’m sure.

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  3. “crimpons” now that’s what I probably needed when I went sliding all over the paths in Oslo trying to get photos in the family park! A whole new concept to me and not seen or needed locally 🙂

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  4. I think it’s good to get outside in winter, if you can. There is still a lot of beauty out there to see and experience. I have cleats I can slip on to the bottom of my boots to walk around it gives better traction.

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