Solstice Sorrow

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

First light arrives before five in the morning. The birdsongs arrive with it. A cacophony of twittering, and avian arias, shatter my sleep, and any hopes of returning to it. By afternoon, however, a scattering of songs—at well-spaced intervals—may arise.

This abundance of radiance—so close to the end of the academic year. This longest day—followed by the slowly diminishing ones throughout the remainder of summer.

I glimpse a suddenly blurry sky, a single surge of wet warmth along one cheek.


“only love can break

your heart…”

I’m hosting #HaibunMonday over at #dVersePoets, where we’re writing about the solstice—summer or winter.

The pub is open! Come join us!

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