Under Pressure

Photo by Steve on Pexels.com

The omega.

Always the last to feed, despite my part in the hunt. Always the butt of snickers, warning growls, scuffles—and the bites and flesh tearings that drive me apart. Always the omega.

All because I run to my own heartbeat. Because my howl is my own. Because the pack would rule me when I already rule myself.

So I make my own way to find my own range. Crossing the backcountry alone, my solitary hunting proves difficult. & at first, my full-moon howls go unanswered.

But only for a time.

Soon, I draw my own packmates—my own family. Then the one that was always the omega becomes who I always was.

The alpha.

night wind

the scent of deer


for dVerse’s Poetics: When it comes to Peer Pressure (hosted by Sanaa)

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  1. This is absolutely stellar writing here, Frank! Wow! I especially like and resonate with; “At first my full moon howls go unanswered but only for a time.” It always pays off when we take a stand and choose to walk on our own path. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt ❤️❤️

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