Yet Another List

Oh, yes: humanity definitely needs another list of the best Star Wars films. But what would be the point? Another squabble over the inadequacy of the sequels? More diatribes over how Disney kills the famous Intellectual property? And where would the various animation and live-action TV shows fall on such a list? Could an adequate collection that ranks the Star Wars sagas ignore Rebels or the Clone Wars? What about The Mandalorian, or Andor?

Sure, leaving off Star Wars Resistance is no loss: who has watched it, anyway? Ditto any Lego Star Wars programs. The line must be drawn somewhere. But despite the pressing necessity of a novel Star Wars best-of list, there remains no clear pathway forward to do so.

Of course, that won’t stop someone from doing so…

“A long time ago

in a galaxy

far, far away…”


morning sun

Day 7 of

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