Country/City Contrasts #NPM17 #NaPoWriMo2017 #haibun #dversepoets

A cloudless sky. A chorus of robins and sparrows marking their territory. Still, it’s too cold for Mira to air-dry her hair on the deck. Besides, we won’t have time to lay about at our leisure.

Our great-niece Viviana will be Christened today. We will journey to the heart of Broadway in Yonkers, New York. To Our Lady of Fatima R.C. Church, flanked by store-fronts on a bustling block. It’s the church that Mira’s brothers and sisters enrolled as parishioners after leaving Our Lady of Victory in Mount Vernon. It’s where Sergio received First Eucharist, where we memorialized my in-laws. It’s where Mira’s siblings still attend mass, even though she and three of her brothers and sisters left Yonkers and Mount Vernon behind.

It’s the last church that Mira wants to visit on her day off.

But visit we will, far from our sylvan estate. We’ll trade bird songs for Honda Civic horns. We’ll endure all of the urban hustle of that neighborhood.

All for family.

barking maltese

the cracked blacktop of a

Yonkers parking lot


UPDATE 12/5/17: I added a photo of the church, new categories/tags, and linked it to dVerse Poets Pub for Tuesday Poetics 12/5/17

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  1. Haiku is always more difficult to write in the city. It’s harder to hear the silence that sings. The lead-up gave me the jitters, but then I was a non-Catholic in a Catholic Boy Scout troop — still in Latin long after Vatican… um, 2 I think. Maybe 5. Dunno.

    Did I mention this is a great poem?

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  2. Hi Frank, I loved your devotion to family. I have little and miss this possible devotion. I loved the contrasts and your sacrifices (country bird song for barking cars…) the haiku was lovely, a good contrast.

    Jane (Lady Nyo)

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