#Throwdown Thursday 11/8/17…my latest is up: Meltdown – #Haibun #poetry .@ImageCurve




I’m administering a Level I Vocational Assessment to Ana, when Julian bursts into the room,

He throws something that misses Myru and hits the metal cabinet housing our class’ books and folders. He drops into a worn desk. His fists repeatedly pound the surface, before opening and clasping the back of his head.

Then he howls.

I rush to his side and take a knee. Coax him to breathe. Victor A.–our AP of security–appears just behind him and asks if he’s all right.

I get Julian up and outside. “We’re good,” I reply to Victor.

We walk a lap around the school, and Julian explains his outburst. He’s failing Algebra. He’s terrified of what his mom will say.

He can’t stand it, but he won’t let it go.


afternoon sunlight

in his counselor’s office

rapid eye movement



Photo by Cel Lisboa on Unsplash

first published in Image Curve, November 9, 2017


Update! for dVerse Poets’ Haibun Monday–Compassion, guest-pubtended by Xenia Trans

With Real Toads’ Tuesday Platform~ Running On… , imagined by Pat




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  1. I really was moved by the Haiku Frank, which says alot – I’m not a big fan of most Haiku – but the Haibun is a great story/intro to the ending – and I was really surprisingly pleased with the line “rapid eye movement” – it was wholly unexpected yet it follows so well with the 2 other lines …. elegant and graceful, with just enough of a mysterious touch – referring to dream state and the blinking – whether of the tears being shed, or perhaps a sudden realization of the surrealism of a moment – as inferred by “afternoon sunlight” …. yes, this is really lovely.

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